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Furr With Benifitz Walking Services Plus... 

Dog walking and sitting services plus More !!



Drop-ins are a short and sweet visit of 20-30 minutes. Whether it's to take them out for a bathroom break while your at work, feed them a midday meal, give medication, or for a quick play! Whatever it may be we have you covered! We come to you home to care of any animal you may have! We can provide a quick walk so they can do their business and assure they have fresh water and food if necessary. 

Additional pets $5.00

Private Walks (1 hr)

Does your Furr baby need one-on-one care? Whether if it's to do with working on leash edique, manners, to help build their confidence around their community or maybe they just prefer their human to themselves and does not get along the greatest with other furry friends. We have you covered! With our 1 hour private walks starting at $25.00 and only an extra $5.00 for reactive dogs, we can give 110% of our attention to your pup to help them become the strong, confident and polite dog they can be! 

For your Furr babies that needs some more one-on one time it's only $25.00 (GST not included and will be added to your total)

For Reactive Dogs  $30.00 (GST not included and will be added to your total)

Additional dogs from the same home additional $10.00

Adventure Hikes (1hr)

We come to you and pick up your dog and take them on a beautiful adventure located on our stunning Vancouver Island! We have very many spots we explore! From beaches, nature trails,  mountains and more! Dogs who are awesome with their recall can roam off leash, while others still learning will be kept on a training lead. Adventure hikes are great for those who need to tire out their pup! After our hike we drop off your dog back at home to nap! There is no additional fee for our pick up and drop offs! It is covered in the $28.00 (GST will be added to your total) 

*For reactive dogs it is an additional 


Furr With BeniFitz offers half days and full days of daycare. A fantastic place for your furr baby to exercise, socialize, and cuddle with lots of love and affection in a safe environment with experienced staff. We provide walks at no additional charge.Dogs must be good on leash .

In Home-style Boarding:

We offer exceptional service in the comfort of our doggy lounge in our homestyle boarding! Your beloved pooch will get to enjoy lots of exercise running and playing in the yard and  including but not limited to walks, hikes (additional fee) and runs. With our indoor and outdoors facilitie your dog has unlimited access to our fully fenced backyard! At bedtime they are welcome to sleep with our night staff (on the bed!), on a mat or cozy on the couch! The choice is theirs! Where ever they are most comfortable! Safety is always number one! 

Additional pets from the same home is $15.00 fee extra throughout the duration of the stay. 

Buddy Walks:

Buddy walks are a great way to help socialize your furry friend while working on staying focused and obedient. Buddy walks are great for rebuilding confidence around other dogs or just to liven up the fun with having a furry friend around! We offer 1 hour buddy walks or group walks depending on your dogs needs! 

Starting at $22.00 before GST. 

Additional dogs from same home $10.00

Light Grooming:

Does your fur baby need a spa day? We give mani-pawdis, ear cleans, relaxing baths and a nice brushing to help your dog feel like the top pooch it is.

Before/After Hours Fees:

We understand life is busy and plans can change and get delayed in a heart beat! We try our best to be as flexible as we can. We offer a wonderful service that helps you out if you are running behind schedule. Before we open or after we close any pick up with a minimum fee of $5 and an additional $5 for every hour afterwards will be added to your bill. This is a flat fee. If you have multiple pets staying with us there will not be and additional pet fee, you will only be charged the $5 fee/per hour for both.